If you are looking for an expert plumber then B&D London are for you. Great plumbing systems are essential for any home or building and are often considered when there’s either a problem or when development work is planned. From leaks, drainage blocks, overflowing and pressure control to full system installations and reconfigurations B&D London’s plumbing team and service covers it all. We know how to smoothly service any plumbing request you have no matter how small or large the task so can focus on other aspects of your home and feel totally at home, comfortable with a fully working plumbing system.
temperature or notice any symptoms such as pipe corrosion, freezing, dripping or flushing difficulties, an expert professional inspection and fix is the best way to eradicate the problem.
Building dimensions, floor and wall plans
• Have you noticed any evidence or signs that you may be having plumbing issues?
• Are you planning any building development such as remodelling or extensions which may require you to reconfigure your plumbing system?
• Check you water meter for any oddities
B&D London have fully qualified plumbers at hand who work to B&D London’s excellent service levels. Providing the best electrical solutions and development for homes and buildings across London, we offer the full range of electrical services:
- Toilets, sinks, pipes, water flow – we can repair and reconfigure every aspect of your plumbing
- Full plumbing systems installations – we install systems that are robust and last
Our fully qualified plumbing specialists work by our high standards:
- Great professional advice and design
- Valuable cost effective ideas and solutions
- Guaranteed quality build completion
Contact B&D London for a free consultation and we can help you every step of the way to your plumbing desire.

• Non-intrusive and disruptive work,
If there’s anything you need help with or would like to know, contact us and one of our specialist building consultants will go through everything you need. From arranging a free on-site report, an outline of timings and costs you have planned, anything and we will do our best to help you. Contact B&D London for a free consultation and take it from there.


“B&D London did a great job. Their plumbing team were very professional.”

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