Kitchens are usually the hub of all activities and lifestyles in a home. The events of eating, gathering and flow of people in and out of a kitchen along with the fact that investment for kitchen accessories - furniture, appliances, technology and art, is always high shows you that investing in your kitchen is a safe idea and a great one. This is why we see requests come through on a regular basis for kitchen upgrades or adjustments. Kitchen development projects continue to drive value to properties today and we consistently fit exceptional kitchens for our clients every single time.
There are many different aspects to consider for a great kitchen and B&D London know them all. There is no need for you to go through every planning detail yourself as we will do that for you. If you need to take out your old kitchen, add to it or replace it entirely with a new fitting we every aspect and take any stress you may have away. From materials of your worktop, the most ideal height and space of your cupboards, position between electrical power points and appliances. All of our kitchen fittings are carried out by qualified workmen and any accompanying work such as gas installation by certified engineers. You can feel assured and just focus on how you want your kitchen to be and “moving” into your new kitchen when it is complete.
There may be other aspects on your mind when it comes to kitchen fitting be it electrical or plumbing systems setup or even the best colour schemes, just feel free to ask and we’ll answer and help you as best as we can.

• Start from scratch to transform your kitchen style or add accessories or an area to your kitchen – we can accommodate for whatever you want
“I would definitely recommend B&D London to do your kitchen fitting. The way my kitchen turned out was truly great. The ideas and plan we discussed during the consultation became a reality.”
B&D London have worked on hundreds of kitchens in and around London and the Greater London boroughs this year. Stylistically we know what works and does not work and more importantly ensure whatever ideas chosen are feasible and built exactly to the standard you deserve. High quality kitchen fittings and alterations are one of the building services we have the most experience in and our team are always happy to accommodate whatever plans you have in mind.
If you are looking for a great kitchen fitting, you should contact B&D London for a free consultation and take it from there. As soon as we’ve got a clear idea of your existing kitchen floor plans and dimensions we’ll show you the best techniques and ideas to make your kitchen dream come true.

If you want to find out more than do not hesitate to contact us.
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