The exterior quality of any building or home creates an impact. Exterior restoration is often be needed because of poor workmanship, natural or intended damage. Builders and Decorators London with our wealth of experience restoring hundreds of homes across London, know all about traditional and modern structures and how to bring back to life the form, features and character of a property either back to its period of creation or with innovative visual enhancements. Instead of creating negative impressions to visitors, passers-by, occupants or prospective buyers, aim for the right look which your property deserves.

“Sammy and his restoration team did a fantastic job. Our roof was deteriorating quite badly from the previous Winter. After a good chat about what we wanted, his team went to work and the end result meant our home looked wonderful again. ”

B&D London offer the entire range of exterior restoration services to repair any issue or enhance any building type.
- Our architect designers will examine the features from an exterior and interior point of view to report on aspects such as structural integrity, missing or damaged period features and draw up ideas for the desired reconstruction
- B&D London’s restoration specialists can work on every element of restoration including brick, wall or roof cleaning, paint removal or repainting, repointing, masonry and more – whilst adhering to all building regulation health & safety standards
- Pollution, weathering, graffiti, abrasion, discolouration and more – our experience combined with the use of advanced industry equipment and trade expertise means we know how to fix any restoration issue for long-lasting results
Builders and Decorations London Restoration team always look to add value, on time and within your budget.