B&D London’s expert carpet fitters know how to install carpets with premium results for any floor shape, size or property type.
Carpets when fitted correctly can look extremely luxurious and feel very comforting to walk on, whilst also have a tactile visual quality. Carpets can be fitted if you’re thinking of giving your home a new look, trying to add more warmth to a room or if you want to feel indulgent as you walk through and into each room. This impact can be felt for those living in the home, visitors and prospective buyers. Beautifully fitted carpet is just a great value adder to any property.
Laying carpets are generally quite easy for any professional carpet fitters, but the art, high-quality, long-lasting finish requires more than just knowledge. That is how B&D London’s carpet fitting team differ – our fitters have all of the knowledge and combine it with a service focused on you and your property. We manage every request with pride and professionalism.

“We were looking for carpet to be fitted throughout our newly bought home and found out about B&D London’s carpet fitting service online. After a quick chat and consultation we believed they’d do a great job. They delivered on every level.”

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We manage the entire process to be as cost-efficient as possible whilst delivering with minimal disruption. We’ll consult you about the stages of the fitting and even about the underlay, carpet grippers and material recommendations. You won’t need to stress about anything or worry about any physical effort as we will cover and consider everything for you.
• The entire carpet fitting process – from measurement taking, material suggestions, carpet laying and post-fitting clean up and furniture moving; we can even help you with carpet stretching, alterations and carpet repair if that’s what you need
• Plain or patterned carpets, stair carpets, synthetic to wool and blended options – we can expertly fit all carpet types
• Time guarantee – depending on the size of the job, we’ll let you know exactly what days and how many hours it will take to fit your carpet so you know when you can expect to see the fantastic results
If you’re interested about our carpet fitting service and how we can help you, feel free to email us or request a call back and we’ll be with you right away.