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How To Plan For Any Alteration Project


Firstly it’s good to know that alterations come in many forms, shapes and scales. Alterations – also termed interchangeably with the term remodelling – may involve increasing or reducing floor space, creating of closing new entrances, exits and pathways and the erecting, partitioning or demolishing of walls.

Draw up your development ideas in line with your budget

We thoroughly plan and coordinate every aspect of your alteration and remodelling project using our expert architectural designers and quality builders to manage you improvement. Our team know the best options and techniques to upgrade, refit or retrofit domestic and non-domestic appliances and systems. The team also can add and remove all types of partitions and make structural changes to all residential and commercial building types. The size and scale of your idea will constrain or open up opportunities for what you can redevelop and alter. Project ideas such as , i.e.- changing load-bearing walls or foundations such as fireplaces, chimneys or staircase walls, will also require additional time from inspectors and local building control office approval. Whatever you decide to do, check whether you will need building regulation approval for what you have in mind before investing any of your money.

Seek Consultation from expert builders

A specialist team of qualified builders will know how to perform remodelling for any scale be it small, midrange or upscale. After listening to your requirements their team should be able to work around the existing building or room structure and draw up revised floor plans and even 3D diagrams so you can best visualise how the finished project will turn out. Many building companies will provide you with a free quote but it’s advisable to seek those that have the proven trade experience and worked on a high volume and variety of residential and commercial properties.

Focus on what you want to achieve

With the right alteration, you can expect to achieve the value of your property to increase but also a positive impact you the lives of those living within or using the home or building. If you have an old home, alterations can be the solution to modernise it. If you need extra capacity then alterations can aid and compliment development projects such as an extensions or conversions. The structure of your home with the help of correct professional assessment can be changed. Perhaps you need to make some quick changes for a new family or new set of tenants? In that case, minor alterations where building control approval is not required such as replacing flooring or plastering may be the solution.

From stairways, to altering walls and replacing windows – there are so many minor or major alterations you can do to change the footfall of traffic throughout the building, create more storage or alter practical uses. Alterations and remodelling projects with B&D London include the full range of development possibilities such as new window installations, entrance and door replacements, roofing, basement and attics to exterior rooms as areas like garages and gardens.


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